PS3 Secret Weapon Revealed?

While everyone is heaping praise on the Wii, (and rightly so) we've received a tip-off from one of our sources that is claiming to have inside information about an accessory that will be available at the launch of the PS3 in mid November. The secret hardware is reportedly being developed by an Israeli company called Prime Sense, with patent-pending technology that can "reconstruct 3D topography without assuming anything about the user or environmental conditions".

Prime Sense’s concept is a device, which allows a computer to perceive the world in 3D and derive an understanding of the world based on sight, just the way humans do.

The device includes a sensor, which sees a user (including their complete surroundings), and a digital component, or "brain" which learns and understands user movement within those surroundings.

Prime Sense’s interactive device can see, track and react to user movements outside the computer, all without change of environment or wearable equipment for the end user. The closed device is plug and play and platform independent.

So how will this be used in games? Well, the device will apparently allow the gamer to make physical motions in order to interact with the game. This could be applied in any number of ways by the developer. A recent example of such technology is Sony's very own EyeToy, but this new device is said to be even more advanced.

The device was actually hinted at during this year's E3 conference, with Sony claiming the PS3 had some sort of connection to the Minority Report movie. Well, it seems this connection has now been made. If you remember Minority Report, part of the movie involves a similar device which can in fact reconstruct 3D topography.

What are you doing now, Dave? Dave, put that away, you'll go blind...

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