Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • Chicks and Guns.
    Ah, bliss and boobies. Nothing finer.

  • Fast reloading.
    Oh sure, if you have the money to spend on STI mods/guns, you can take the time to practice for speed. The expanded magwell helps too.

  • AA gun near airport sparks concern.
    A North Texas man is keeping an unusual piece of military history in his yard near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

    An anti-aircraft gun from the Korean conflict designed to bring down airplanes sits in the man's front yard off of Valley View Road in Irving.

    NBC 5 found out about the gun after receiving calls and e-mails from viewers who were concerned the gun was being used to target aircraft taking off from D/FW airport.

    A quick investigation by NBC 5 found that was not the case.

    NBC 5 spoke with the elderly man who owns the gun and he said he inherited the gun from the owner a while back. The gun hasn't been fired in years and has been inactive for a long time.

    "He's had it in his front yard the entire time I've lived here," said Eric Macnak. "It's been sitting in his front yard all this time."

    The owner said the gun is facing D/FW because the gears are broken and it's stuck in its current position and that the gun's next home will likely be a scrap yard.

    "I just think in our heightened state of awareness and all the development that is going on in the area, people are just now seeing it," said Tracee Smith. "I kind of look at it as character. Character on the road."

    A viewer e-mail identified the gun is a 75mm anti-aircraft gun called a "Skysweeper." It was constructed in the 1950s.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has been out to investigate the weapon and said it poses no threat.

    Young, liberal blissninnies move out to the 'burbs only to find that people keep all sorts of things on their lawns. Nimby kicks in, and even though someone has had it for years, it'll have to go do to pressure from the public. I hate having neighbors sometimes.

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