Boy hit in head by propeller.

A 16-year-old boy suffered a head injury Sunday evening when he was cut by a boat propeller on Lake Osborne.

Justin Musselman, who was operating an inflatable boat with three friends when the accident occurred, was taken into surgery late Sunday evening at Delray Medical Center and had a "favorable" prognosis, police said.

Musselman was hurt at about 5 p.m., when two of his friends began wrestling and fell into the water. He playfully jumped in after them, leaving the fourth friend alone on the boat. But not knowing how to drive it, the fourth friend got scared and also jumped in the water.

Without an operator, the boat spun in circles.

Musselman, whose parents own the boat, tried to stop the spin by grabbing the boat, but the boat whipped around and he was hit in the head and torso by the propeller.

If you are the last one in the boat, don't jump out if it ain't sinking. Also, who the hell let's their friends wrestle in a dingy?

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