Never piss off a heavy machine operator.

TERRIFIED Janice Gledhill told last night how a maniac in a mechanical digger began reducing her house to this scene of utter devastation — with her STILL inside.

The holiday park owner was shaken awake at 7.15am yesterday by the roar of the machine trundling menacingly towards the home she shares on site with boyfriend James Harvard.

Minutes later plant hire operator Robert Taylor — furious at being asked for £1,000 in back rent — began a wrecking spree ended only by ARMED COPS.

The digger driver calmly smashed aside a patrol car answering the 999 call, then:

CRUSHED the couple’s two luxury Chrysler cars, worth £80,000, parked by the house.

RAISED the bucket to its full height and brought it down on the tiled roof of the four-bedroom home.

FLATTENED three sides of the timber-framed house with the digger’s arm, reducing it to a litter-strewn rubble.

Then ASKED if a van beside the only remaining wall could be shifted so he could smash it down.

Armed police surrounded the home and pulled Taylor, who has a history of heart problems, out of the cab.

I think that an armed homeowner could have taken care of this without as much loss of property. Heck, probably just a shattered front windshield on the machine.

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