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  • U.S. Army Says 5.56mm Is Adequate
    The U.S. Army completed a study of current 5.56mm M855 round, in response to complaints from troops that this ammunition was in adequate in combat. Troops reported many instances where enemy fighters were hit with one or more M855 rounds and kept coming. The study confirmed that this happened, and discovered why. If the M855 bullet hits slender people at the right angle, and does not hit a bone, it goes right through. That will do some soft tissue damage, but nothing immediately incapacitating. The study examined other military and commercial 5.56mm rounds and found that none of them did the job any better. The study concluded that, if troops aimed higher, and fired two shots, they would have a better chance of dropping people right away. The report recommended more weapons training for the troops, so they will be better able to put two 5.56mm bullets where they will do enough damage to stop oncoming enemy troops.

    So, whatever happened to the "One shot, one kill" mantra?

  • The FN S.C.A.R.
    SCAR Program Fills a Need That Years Of SOF Operator Experience Tells Us Still Exists. A Multipurpose Weapon of Choice With Choices for Today’s And Tomorrow’s Battlefields. SCAR Program Will Field The Best Possible Weapon System To The SOF Operator.

    *sigh* Something I'll want and never get, once the civilian version comes out. Darn responsibilities.

  • Special forces have wings for their protection.
    Elite special forces troops being dropped behind enemy lines on covert missions are to ditch their traditional parachutes in favour of strap-on stealth wings.

    The lightweight carbon fibre mono-wings will allow them to jump from high altitudes and then glide 120 miles or more before landing - making them almost impossible to spot, as their aircraft can avoid flying anywhere near the target.

    Not to ruin the fun, but Cobra had these back in the 80's.

  • Nap time, F-18 style.
    Don't close your eyes, you'll miss the view.

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