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Aquapet indeed

I don't know what's worse: That this thing looks like a sex toy, that there is one with Sponge Bob in it, or that people are selling them used.


He's Cosmo Kramer, the ass...

I think people were leaving, no because of the content, but the fear that the insulted party would come back with weapons.


Misc. Friday Ramblings...

Wally: I can't risk being know as the guy who knows how to edit the database. I barely have time to avoid the work I already have.

  • Putting the gun in his pants was first mistake.
    Three men attempted to kidnap a teenager in a dispute over stereo speakers shortly before 4:45 p.m. on Monday, Wichita police reported. One of the three pulled out a gun and fired it at the teen in the 1000 block of South Wichita.
    The shot missed the teen. But then the shooter jammed the gun back into the waistband of his pants -- and it went off.
    The bullet struck the 23-year-old man in his left testicle, causing him to cringe -- which caused the gun to fire again.
    The second shot struck him in the left calf.
    Police did not release information about the size of the gun he was using at the time.

    I can’t make this up. But it begs the question, does size matter?

  • State Senator Foils Robbery, Holds Suspects At Gunpoint
    A pistol-packing politician catches a group of intruders suspected of stealing motorcycles from his warehouse.

    State senator Tim Burchett had to draw his gun on four people as they were leaving his warehouse on Ball Camp Pike Wednesday morning. Senator Burchett had three motorcycles stolen out of his warehouse in recent weeks. He had been staking out the building and called 911 after catching the burglars in the act, but told us he had to draw his gun to prevent them from escaping.

    I don't know Tennessee laws, but in Florida I do not believe that this would be a legal action. The statute I could quickly find was 776.07. This pertains to an actual arrest, though, not just detaining criminals. Ah well, he was a politician. He'd pretty much be immune by default.

  • The Kalashnikov Museum.
    Currently, guided on-site tours to the museum are provided only in Russian - so, if you were to visit Izhevsk, but you don't know Russian, you'd need to bring an interpreter along with you to the museum to understand what the tour guide is saying. The purpose behind this virtual tour is to provide a richly illustrated tour in English, a language that is accessible to many of the world's people who are interested in all things Kalashnikov.

    Oh yes, especially interested in the Vodka.



Misc. Friday Ramblings...

To those who have served, Thank You!


  • Starting them off a little to early.
    .22 is the right caliber, but it is better to start with a long arm. Oh yeh, and WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE OUT OF DIAPERS!

  • The HAMMER H2X-40 Turret.

  • In God We Trust.
    A 54-year-old Florida man credits two small Bibles in his shirt pocket with saving his life when they stopped a bullet.

    The man, whose name was withheld because his attackers are still at large, told Orange Park police that two men he didn't recognize ambushed him with a rifle as he carried bags of garbage to a trash bin.

    He said his attackers then fled in opposite directions.

    The man said the bullet was stopped by two New Testaments that he was carrying in his shirt pocket to give to friends. Police took them as evidence.

    The Florida Times-Union reported that aside from a red mark and a pain in his chest, the man was not injured.


Asleep on the job.

Workers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center were forced to review the rulesbook Monday after photos of three space workers snoozing on the job were released on a Web site.

The photos released on the watchdog Web site NASA Watch showed three employees at the Huntsville, Ala. space center sleeping at consoles and a fourth playing an online card game.

The employees for the NASA contractor Teledyne Brown Engineering Inc. worked in the space center's Payload Operations Center which manages the science operations of the international space station.

"The pictures ... are not indicative of the performance of the overall team. They're isolated incidents," NASA spokesman Steve Roy said Monday. "This is serious to us. We're extremely concerned about it."

A spokeswoman for Teledyne Brown Engineering didn't return a phone call.

Only one of the employees in the photos still works for the Payload Operations Center, said Roy, who estimated the photos were 11/2 years old.

The photos were sent to NASA Watch by a former employee at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Takes on a new meaning when someone's life might be endangered.


Your soul is mine.

You Are a Seeker Soul

You are on a quest for knowledge and life challenges.
You love to be curious and ask a ton of questions.
Since you know so much, you make for an interesting conversationalist.
Mentally alert, you can outwit almost anyone (and have fun doing it!).

Very introspective, you can be silently critical of others.
And your quiet nature makes it difficult for people to get to know you.
You see yourself as a philosopher, and you take everything philosophically.
Your main talent is expressing and communicating ideas.

Souls you are most compatible with: Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul


Target your Wii

Someone on the IGN web boards posted a numerical scheme that Target supposedly used to determine how many Wii's a store will get on launch day. So, using the tool in the link above, you can put in your area code to start a search for your local stores. Interesting if true.


Monkey's on a boat

THE crew of a large cargo ship headed for Sydney have been told to catch or kill a rogue monkey running loose aboard the vessel or they will not be allowed to dock.

A spokesman for the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) said the container ship, said to be coming from China, was due in Australian waters within two days.

The ship's crew have sent Australian authorities photos of the animal in a bid to have it identified, but the quarantine spokesman said the shots were of a poor quality and showed only a "small brown blur".

The crew have no idea how the animal came to be aboard and say they have not been able to get close to it since first spotting it sitting on top of a container some weeks ago.

The ship's captain has been advised of Australia's quarantine requirements and warned the monkey had to be captured or "appropriately disposed of" before the ship would be allowed to berth in Australia.

Quarantine agents are concerned that a wild monkey could carry rabies or even simian encephalitis.

This could make a very interesting movie. What if the monkey was a mutant....with frickin laser beams. I wonder if Samuel Jackson would go for Monkey on a boat.


Misc. Friday Ramblings...

PHB: Alice, your problem is that you take on too much work.
Alice: The problem is that you give me too much work.
PHB: Your second problem is that you blame others. And your third problem is that you're always angry.
Alice: GAAAA!!! IT'S ALL YOU!!!!



Alabama Man

Police say a Marshall County, Alabama teen raped his mother to get revenge on his brother.

Police say 19-year-old Gary Helms, Jr., raped his 45-year-old mother this past weekend, at Willow Terrace Trailer Park on Doyle Drive in Albertville.

It's a twisted crime that police say Helms admits.

"From what we understand the rape stemmed from an argument between him and his brother. And apparently they were arguing over a girlfriend. And the rape was some sort of retaliation towards his brother," said Sgt. Jamie Smith of the Albertville Police Department.

It was unusual retaliation on an unsuspecting victim.

Authorities say Helms' mother was apparently passed out drunk on the couch when the rape started.

"During the attack she did come to and recognize her attacker. (Reporter: As her son?) As her son," said Smith.

That's when, according to the police report, the mother "tried to get away, but he held her down until he was finished."

A few points:
  1. Alcohol was involved.

  2. They are in Alabama.

  3. If it was a retaliation, then I think the girl at the heart of the conflict could have been the mother. Ick.


Your life as a soundtrack.

Thanks to CJ for this fun little exercise!


Here's how it works:

- Open your music library
- Put it on shuffle
- For every question, type the song that's playing, and don't be cheating, dammit!
- When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: Joe Satriani - Hands in the Air

First Day At School: NoFX - Iron Man

Falling In Love: Wang Chung - Everyone Have Fun Tonight (Did I?)

Fight Song: Trivium - Like Light to the Flies

Breaking Up: Judas Priest - You Got Another Thing Coming (hmmm, that could be promising)

Life's OK: Crystal Method - Trip Like I Do

Mental Breakdown: Captain and Tenille - Do That To Me One More Time (how in the fuck did that get in there?)

Driving: Loverboy - Workin for the Weekend

Flashback: The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl

Getting Back Together: Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight (before she turns into a pumpkin...)

Wedding: Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me (and shove some cake in my face...LOL)

Birth of Child: Wallflowers - We Can Be Heroes

Death Scene: Staind - Just Go (ouch...)

Funeral Song: Soft Cell - Tainted Love

End Credits: Linkin Park - Numb (that should have been the funeral song...lol)

Wow, I need to clean off my HD. 30 gigs of MP3s, and I only selected about half for this survey. I wonder what the hell answers I would have gotten if I would have put in the soundtracks, comedy tracks, rap, and country songs.