Weight Loss For A Fat Guy: Late April Update

April 28th. A day that will....be pretty much like any other day. heh. Seriously though, since the last update some things have changed up a bit.

For one, I hit the 100 pound lost mark. So, as promised, I went off the wagon. The family and I went to
Pizza Hut to enjoy a deep dish supreme pan pizza and a root beer. Unfortunately, I could only eat about 2 pieces. Then, I went home and road 10 miles. So much for the wagon. :)

Secondly, I'm eating more. I'm eating 5 portioned out meals throughout the day. What this does is keep the hunger down and energy up. I realized, based on
my BMR calculation, that I was taking in too few calories throughout the day. Now, I try to hit at least 1500, but no more than 1800. With that level, based on age, weight, and activity, I can safely lose a pound a week.

Thirdly, I've lost over 110 pounds now. Also, I've lost 14 inches off of my waistline. It is so refreshing to be able to go into a normal store and find clothing that fits. Giving a size comparison, I've gone from wearing 4XL clothing to plain XL. Large, here I come. ;)


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