It's almost vacation time. Here comes a Tropical Storm

The first tropical depression of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season formed Saturday in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, and was expected to become the year's first named storm as it veers toward Florida, forecasters said.

The depression was not expected to become a hurricane, said Jack Beven, a hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center.

And, for a state battling a drought, forecasters say rainfall from the storm could be a good thing.

Over the next three days, the system was expected Saturday to move through the Yucatan Channel into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, then turn toward Florida where it could make landfall somewhere between South Florida and the western tip of the Panhandle by Tuesday, bringing rain to the parched peninsula.

"It's not going to be a wind event, it's not going to be a flood event, but it could bring us two to three days of rain," Barry said.

I should work for the hurricane center. Every damn time I want to go on vacation, a f*cking storm shows up. I swear, I hate vacation time. Work always picks up. Something goes to shit at home. And, for the past two years, every time I take a vacation that involves travel, some sort of weather event happen. I hate my life sometimes.

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