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  • Myths and Terminology:

  • Sniper vs armor.
    1. A SWAT Sniper needs to know a lot of facts, even before the shot might be taken. My friend said that he was very concerned about shooting against 3 vests and plates, but if the bad guy was running, he might have had to take such a shot.

    Good thing that he didn't have to take it. It doesn't look like it would have penetrated 3 vests and 3 plates. Who'd have thought it?

    They also stopped the .223 TAP round.

    2. What about 3 vests at close range without the plates? They stopped the .40 S&W with no problem.

    But the .223 went right through.

    I've said it before.....rifles are rifles and pistols are pistols.

  • 700 gr. of whoop ass.
    The 700 gr. Hardcast is now part of our permanent line-up, and the response has been TREMENDOUS! This will handle any Tyrannosaurus in your back yard. This is the LARGEST COMMERCIAL LOAD AVAILABLE, and the only place you can get it is right here. Our standard loading for best accuracy and all-around knockdown power is 1200 fps with 2240 ft. lbs. of energy and a Taylor KO Factor of 60. The Taylor Factor places this between a 375 H&H Magnum and a 458 Win Mag. Richard Gibson from Homer, AK has designed and manufactures this bullet and is one of the best hand casters around. If you plan on shooting more than one or two of these in one session, we recommend wearing a padded shooting glove. If you are into maximum recoil and self-abuse, this is the round for you. The bottom line is - You've bought the Biggest and the Baddest Revolver out there and this will demonstrate it's MAXIMUM CAPABILITY!!

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