Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • The BATFE is after gunsmiths?
    When does customization of a firearm become manufacturing? That seemingly simple question is occupying the near undivided attention of the firearms industry. Observers say it is a question with the potential to become a firestorm that could put custom gunsmiths out of business; if not behind bars.

    The controversy began with a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms inspection of Competitive Edge Gunworks in Bogard, Missouri. BATF and tax agents appeared and began examining the company's records. When they finished, owner Larry Crow was told he potentially faced felony charges for manufacturing firearms without a license.

  • Penn and Teller on gun control.
    Check out where she stashes the Keltec P-32.

  • Hot chick with fully automatic weaponry.

  • Another hot chick with a fully automatic weapon.

  • Exploding ammo injures teacher.
    Part of a Ventura instructor's right hand was severed Monday afternoon after he struck an object on his classroom desk against an old 40 mm round of ammunition while teaching.

    Colla had found the 40 mm round while hunting years ago, Huston said. He used it as a paperweight and "obviously he didn't think the round was live," Huston said.

    What possesses people to pick up an unknown ordnance without assuming that it is live without getting it verified?

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