Let the beatings begin.

About 3659 people packed Stadium Southland yesterday for the largest pillow fight the world had ever seen, unofficially beating the previous world record by 11.

The What Now-organised event, an official Guinness World Record attempt, was broadcast live.

The goal was to do better than the previous pillow-fighting record of 3648 people, set at the University of Albany, New York, on April 17, 2005.

At 9.59am the registrations, running hot since 6am, had come in short at 3429.

But it seemed obvious to a lot of people that there were enough people to get the record, so the hooter sounded on time at 10am.

Sixty seconds of bedlam followed.

St John primary care worker Faye Stewart said she was surprised there wasn't more carnage.

"I had everything ready but it turns out they fought decently."

Registrations continued after the hooter to add those people who had not had time to sign on beforehand.

What Now associate producer Jo Eade said the show was absolutely rapt with the support that secured the record.

The next step to officially secure the record was to send a video-taped copy of the show, as well as all the registrations and paperwork, to Guinness records for the official confirmation, which would take at least six weeks, she said.

Hope no one pulled a Bad Boy moment and stuff the pillow case with sodas.

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