Dr. sued for making them too big

Three angry women claim an Upper East Side plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars turned them into freaks by stuffing massive, Pamela Anderson-sized breast implants into their chests when they wanted only modest boob jobs.

The women say the mammary monstrosities installed by Dr. Brad Jacobs nearly caused their bosoms to explode and the surgery left their breasts deformed, ribs aching and nipples swollen.

"I wanted to leave with a 34B - but the day after my surgery, I was huge," said Felice Rosenbaum, of Manhattan, who claims her B-cup breasts were inflated to a whopping double-D.

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I honestly don't see what the problem is, as long as they look okay. Deformations should be corrected, but size? Wow, look at the good Dr's gallery of breasts. He does like them big!
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