Wizzo. USAF Ace. Mouse Hunter.

Fighting the war on rodent infestation, 95th Mission Support Group members here use a "military working cat" to help reduce the amount of damage to equipment caused by rodents living in the supply warehouse.

Wizzo calls the 95th Mission Support Group's supply warehouse his home, and the feline lives and works around the clock to help support the supply group's mission.

"Wizzo is our mobility rodent deterrent," said Heather Chapman, a 95th MSG warehouse specialist. "He was brought in for pest control and is earning his keep by doing his job."

So far, Wizzo has caught a bird, a rat and three mice, which officially makes him an ace. The supply team keeps his kill count posted on a board for him.

"It seems that whenever anyone starts to doubt his worth, he comes up with another mission completed," Ms. Starr said.

Put to work as the "weapons systems officer" for the warehouse, Wizzo is a little more than 1 year old and was adopted from a pet shelter in Lancaster, Calif.

Of course, Wizzo is a name well earned by most male cats. Still, this one is kinda cute, even though he's outta uniform.

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