Suspected DUI Driver Jumps From Car, Flees With Beer In Hand

"There was a 12-pack of Corona he was working on in the front seat," Orange County sheriff's Cmdr. Jeff Stonebreaker said. "He decided to take one of those over the fence with him. So, he bails out of the car and runs from the deputies with a beer in his hand."

Ah, reminds me of a story from my (stupid) youth. About a year into college, I was still hanging out with my high school buddies. On the weekend, we'd all hang out at one of the only hangs in town. It was a downtown structure of shops and party destinations on the river. It had a Hooters, which in '89 was a big thing around here. Needless to say, there was a lot of underage drinking happening back then. An older buddy would exit the establishments, 6 drinks in hand. When they got to us, we'd lighten the load for them.

Anyways, coming home from one such night, we were all riding in GJ's car. GJ is a great, down-to-earth guy. Good athlete as well. So, stopped at a light downtown, a car of revelers pulls up next to us. They are totally lit. GJ, beings the social critter he is, leans out his window and motions to them to listen up. He says "Hey, you know you shouldn't be drinking and driving. However, if you throw us one, I won't tell."

They other car, as well as us, are laughing our collective asses off. Yes, high school students who are inebriated tend to laugh at stupid stuff. So, one of the guys in the other car grabs a Corona. He says "Don't drop this. This is A CORONA!". Yes, liquid gold, we get the picture. So they chunk it over, and GJ catches it with ease. Light turns green. We head off enjoying one bottle of Corona between the four of us.

So, don't forget. SAVE THE CORONA!

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