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The Federal Government of the United States can not run a bordello and make money.

  • Tam posts a link to an AR-15 mag that is "gizmolicious."
    CAMMENGA is leading the development of next-generation firearm magazines with the CAMMENGA EASYMAG series. The innovative design of the EASYMAG allows a shooter to slide back the front section of the magazine and simply drop in OR dump out the ammunition. Anti-friction NiB plated components provide optimal feeding performance and long lasting reliability. The EASYMAG also features a unique tip-proof follower designed by CAMMENGA. The CAMMENGA EASYMAG eliminates the problems associated with one-by-one loading and unloading.

    That looks pretty damn cool. Of course, I'd hate to retire my Lula if the EASYMAG doesn't perform well.

  • NASA anti-asteroid weapon system.
    NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has designed a nuclear-warhead-carrying spacecraft, to be launched by the US agency's proposed 's Ares V cargo launch vehicle, to deflect an asteroid that could threaten all life on Earth.

    The 8.9m (29ft)-long "Cradle" spacecraft would carry six 1,500kg (3,300lb) missile-like interceptor vehicles that would carry one 1.2MT B83 nuclear warhead each, with a total mass of 11,035kg.

    The spacecraft's target near-Earth object (NEO) is the Apophis asteroid, which will pass by the Earth within the orbit of the Moon in April 2029.

    Apophis? Oh hell, where is an SGC battlecruiser when you need it.

  • A firsthand look at what it takes to carry a concealed weapon.
    I was having this conversation because the state of Kansas says I have to. I’m in the process of applying for a concealed carry permit — the paperwork that will allow me to legally hide a gun on my person — and part of the deal is that I have to take an eight-hour training class.

    The rule for shooting someone is we’re not shooting to kill. We’re shooting to stop. When they stop, we stop shooting. The best way to do that is to use a strategy called center of mass. In other words, shoot for the center of the largest part of your target. Most times, that’s the center of the chest.

    He reminded us that just because we have a concealed weapon doesn’t mean we have an obligation to use it. There are plenty of times, even when danger is in the air, that you will want to keep your hand off your gun.

    I guess that’s because the one point I really did learn from this class was this: Hitting the target is the easy part.

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