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Kevin Smith:
Never a good idea to attack the dude with the microphone.

  • Woman shoots self in "advanced" handgun class.
    4th item down. Obviously not as advanced as it should be.

  • Dog shoots owner.
    An excited 150-lb. Great Dane accidentally shoots its owner in the back early Wednesday morning at a Raleigh home.

    Must have gone to the "Ultra Advanced" class to learn that.

  • Gunblast reviews the FNH PS90
    The P90 is something of an odd military small arm. It was never designed to be a standard military service rifle, but was actually designed as a weapon for rear echelon troops like motor pool mechanics, drivers, cooks and bakers as well as a special purpose weapon for troops engaging in close quarter battle. The idea behind it is previous pistol caliber weapons; i.e. pistols and submachine guns, were becoming increasingly ineffective against issued protective body armor while standard service issue assault rifles were too heavy or unwieldy for either rear echelon troops or for use in close quarter battle scenarios.

    Two features characterize the FNH P90 and PS90. The first is the horizontal magazine that lays inline with the action and over the barrel and the second is the shape of the forward handguard. The latter feature is curved and looks for all the world like something taken off a musical instrument. The designers went to great lengths to guarantee a completely ambidextrous firearm as the gun works equally well for either right or left handed shooters.

    In all my years of working with hand held firearms, I have never encountered a more difficult to use and poorly designed piece of sighting equipment as that found with the MC-10-80 Ring Sight reflex sight which is mounted on the PS90 and P90. In my opinion it has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever sold to a firearms manufacturer; major or otherwise. If that statement makes me out to be an opinionated, prejudiced, narrow minded son of a you-know-what, so be it.

    I must confess I purchased the test sample, which I don’t do all that often anymore. Simple human greed was one reason why I purchased this gun, because if the Democrats win the major elections in ’08 it is a virtual certainly the PS90 will be prohibited from future sales and I believe that makes this purchase a good investment because years later it will double, triple or gain equity at an exponential rate.

    Ergonomic, lightweight, holds 50 rounds. Given my stature (about 6'2", over 300lbs), it shoulders very well and is very ergonomic. It is a bit barrel heavy, but not overbearing. The breakdown of the weapon is very easy. A lot of plastic, though. Also, I do agree with the reviewer in that the sight needs attention (okay, it can suck big time in some situations). I do have to crane my neck a bit to get a good sight picture and cheek weld. Still, it is an excellent weapon and one heck of a Goa'uld/Wraith killer.

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