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  • Raise Shields!
    Armor Development Group is a research and development firm specializing in innovative solutions to modern ballistic threats that impact law enforcement, the military, and lawful citizens. Our products save lives and reduce injury with the ultimate goal to

    “Make the good guys safer”.

    ADG offers a variety of armor systems using the most advanced materials including lightweight ceramic/composites, steel/cellular metal/ceramic layer patterns, polycarbonate glass, and ballistic fiberglass laminates.

    Shields have been around for a long time. It will just be a matter of time until shields become not something you weild, but something you wear. But will they stop a phased-plasma rifle in 40 watt range?

  • Huge haul of weapons seized in Adelaide
    More than 250 throwing axes, 130 daggers, knives, concealable blades and replica guns were found inside a shipping container which arrived from China.

    Search warrants were obtained for at least two Adelaide properties and raids by officers uncovered more weapons destined for Adelaide's black market.

    Customs national manager of investigations Richard Janeczko said the finds were significant.

    "These weapons had the potential to cause serious harm," he said.

    If there is a demand, there needs to be a supply. As much of as people want to make a violence free utopia, if humans live there, there will always be a demand for some kind of a weapon.

  • I'll be right back honey, I'm taking the guns for a walk.
    Solves the problems of hauling shooter's equipment!

    Patented Rugged Gear Hook System securely holds, cushions and protects 2 guns.
    Repositionable for longer guns.

    Holds 17 boxes of shells and shooting equipment!
    • Shell Compartment holds 15 boxes of shells or shooting bag, jacket, etc.
    • Upper storage pockets hold 2 additional boxes of shells.
    • Lower storage pouch below shell compartment holds small cooler, Rugged Gear accessory Bag, etc.
    • Bottom storage pocket holds hearing and eye protection, choke tubes, and miscellaneous accessories.
    • A removable mesh bag holds empty shells.
    • 2 over-sized drink holders accommodate cups, bottles, cans or sports bottles.

    The Assault Wheelbarrow lives!

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