Save Jericho!

Keys to Success
For any of this to have a hope of having ANY impact at this point a few things need to happen

  1. Stay on the CBS Jericho board for as long as possible. It serves 2 purposes:
    • It's a very easy way for us to say in CBS's face. Server logs and site traffic are important too.

    • Upset fans who want to vent are crawling out of the woodwork. The CBS board is where they are going to naturally initially stop by. They shouldn't have to look all over the internet for our battlefront headquarters. If they lurk, the need to see a huge amount of positive activity trying to save the show. If they actually sign up, get an account and post - they need to be kindly greeted and told how to help.

  2. ALL communications to the network and advertisers MUST be polite but firm and resolute. We are serious about wanting the show back - we cannot appear to be stark raving mad (despite the fact that most of us are very upset with the announcement).

  3. That receptionist at the network and the network voicemail - needs to stay busy for days. Activity has to build (just like ratings) not wane the further from the announcement we get. The knew they would get feedback today - its what happens tomorrow, Friday, and so on that really counts. Remember, we need the CBS phone folks as allies. The decision wasn't theirs. They just answer the phones. Be nice to them.

  4. Email needs to flood in from as many different email addresses as possible (this includes feedback forms) for days.

  5. Nuts away - the nut campaign can't be a passing fancy. Planters, Fisher, etc... (all nut manufactures) need to see an odd sudden increase in their sales figures for the month of may.

  6. Other media need to take notice of our efforts- I have posted comments on the Jericho cancellation article on cbsnews.com, cnn.com and several other sites today. Local (particularly NYC and LA) attention on our efforts - print, radio, TV news - is critical. CBS stopped paying attention to this board probably a week ago - they knew what they would read here when the word came down. We need to get the message out.

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