Rock the vote.

There are campaign promises, there are dirty campaign promises and then there is Belgium's NEE party, which is offering voters something well beyond the bounds of decency, politics and, by some estimations, human capability. According to their Web site, Tania Derveaux, the "leading NEE party senate candidate in Belgium," is promising oral sex to 40,000 men in order to get voters to write the word "nee" ("no") on their ballots June 10th.

There is a website with the Terms of Servicing.
2. Description of Services
The Services consist of Tania performing fellatio on selected individuals who have requested the Services through this form. Travel and other expenses will be covered by NEE. Any sort of recording (video, audio or photographs) of the performance is strictly prohibited without written permission. We adhere to high standards of service but due to time limitations each performance can last no longer than 5 minutes, no exceptions will be made under any circumstance.

3. General Requirements and Rules of Conduct
Services will only be provided to those who meet the following requirements:

  1. applicants must be 18yrs old or above

  2. condoms must be used and provided and paid for by the user

  3. the user shall not engage in any other form of physical contact

  4. any attempt to influence the depth of insertion by the user will
    result in immediate end of service

  5. Tania may deny service for hygiene reasons

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