Hooligans. You are all hooligans!

Authorities in Milan have enforced a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol this Wednesday in a bid to stave off the threat of trouble between Manchester United and AC Milan fans.

AC Milan host United for the second leg of their semi-final a week after United won the first leg 3-2 at Old Trafford.

More than 5,000 United supporters are expected in Milan for the decider, and local authorities, fearing an alcohol-fuelled free-for-all following several incidents prior to and during United's quarter-final against Roma, have banned the sale of alcohol in shops througout the city and the airport.

The only place fans will be able to drink alcohol is in restaurants.

The decision seems to be inspired by the authorities in Rome, who said alcohol was the main reason behind the dozen or so incidents which marred the first leg of United's quarter-final against Roma in the Italian capital.

However there remains widespread doubt that the alcohol ban in Milan will be respected.

The day after the Roma v United match the Italian media reported that despite a similar ban in Rome spirits and beer were seen to be freely on sale.

Prohibition. When having the police beat the shiat out of you just isn't enough. Worked so well in the US. BYOB 4 life!

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