You know that it is pretty bad...

...when your town makes it onto a major news feed website. What makes it worse is when the phrase "radiation leak" is involved.
Fire-Rescue personnel and area medical personnel geared up for mass casualties when an industrial accident at a Baymeadows manufacturing facility Monday morning leaked a small amount of radiation.

The Unison Industries building in the 7500 block of Baymeadows Way was evacuated and police blocked streets in the area after a cylinder of krypton gas exploded in the facility about 10:45 a.m.

Unison spokesman Wayne Moles said he was not aware that any product used in their facility had a high radiation risk.

"That gas primary involves hydrogen, nitrogen,other elements, but has a small amount of krypton 85 in it, and that may have been the source of the readings that the fire department found," Moles said.

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