Mayor commissions study on crime due to murder rate concern.

With already nine homicides in Duval County this year, the Sheriff's Office needs your help to keep violent crime down.

Meanwhile, Jacksonville's mayor is getting concerned.

With the number of homicides growing, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says they need the publics help to keep crime down.

Ken Jefferson with the J-S-O says residents need to stay alert.

"Stay vigilant in your own neighborhoods," Jefferson says. "If you see anything or anybody that looks suspicious or acting suspicious, give us a call."

Jefferson says programs like neighborhood watch can also keep crime down.

If you see suspicious activities in your neighborhood, call the J-S-O at 630-0500.

Meanwhile, the number of murders so far in 2006 has Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton concerned.

There were fewer 104 murders in 2004, 91 last year, but by the numbers, 2006 is off to a bad start.

"It concerns me greatly, and it concerns our Sheriff greatly," Peyton says. "The numbers are staggering, they're not acceptable. I think we need to do all we can as a community to address them.".

Peyton says he's disturbed by the murder rate, and he hopes an upcoming J-C-C-I study on the factors involved with violent crimes will help them reduce the numbers.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that the number one factor involved with violent crimes is the criminal. The rest are just circumstances and tools. However, studies like these can go on to become legislation that wouldn't be popular with quite a few of the Appalachian-Americans around here.

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