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  • The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
    Two 8-by-20-inch touch screen displays dominated the dashboard.

    Tapping the screen changes radio channels. Touching it elsewhere selects a weapon to use: missile, bomb, cannon.

    Pointing to a landing spot on the map display tells the computer to fly the plane there – nearly hands off.

    A visual system built into the pilot’s helmet projects an image onto the visor, giving real-time navigation and targeting information. No matter which way the pilot’s head turns, the data are always in view.

    Voice commands are integrated into the controls to rapidly react to changing mission requirements.

  • "I just can't believe she's a police officer."
    Some thought a car had backfired in the parking lot. But that wouldn't explain the sequins, or the smoke, or the smell of gunpowder in the south St. Louis County restaurant.

    "I ain't got no gun," was the only thing the stranger told the crowd in the restaurant before gathering her purse and teenage daughter from a nearby booth and running out of the place about 1 p.m. Friday.

    But she did have a gun, investigators said, apparently a low-quality one that discharged by accident when she dropped her purse.

    She had a secret too, one that she might have kept had White not rushed to the window and called out the license number for a customer to jot down. The fleeing woman was an off-duty St. Louis police officer.

    The bullet blew a hole in a window and came to a safe landing in front of a doorway. A fragment struck a van outside. But no one was injured.

    St. Louis County police tracked down the city officer, who they said first denied even being at the restaurant, in the 4300 block of Telegraph Road. Then she told police that she had fled because she thought she was under fire. Finally she confessed to the accident, police said.

    The officer, whose name was not released pending consideration of charges against her, eventually told police that she had thrown the weapon out her car window along Interstate 255 because she was afraid she was going to be in trouble.
    Unlike the trouble that she is in now by discharging a firearm in public, fleeing the scene of the incident, denying such said incident occurred, and disposing of the evidence. If this was just Joe Citizen, do you thing he'd have been allowed to just resign from the situation? I don't think so, at least not with all of his rights intact.

    It also goes to show that if you do carry a weapon, it should be safely and securely encased so that there will not be an accidental discharge under any reason.

  • For your car security needs: The Console Caddy.

    I just picked up the compact console caddy from R&D Enterprises. It fits in my center console of my car. It is built like Fort Knox, and weighs a ton. I'll soon have it anchored into the structure of the car, for extra security. It uses a mechanical lock, so no messing with batteries. I'm very impressed with how it is built and what it can hold.

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