The other side of prostitution.

A local television news anchor was arrested on prostitution charges Thursday.

Darryl Tardy was arrested at Westside Regional Park. Police said the arrest was part of their normal undercover work to eradicate prostitution.

Officers said they chose the park because of complaints from nearby residents. It has also been the site of prior prostitution arrests.

According to a police report, Tardy asked an undercover officer if he was a cop and demanded that he prove that he was not.

Tardy was reportedly arrested after the sheriff's officer refused to expose himself.

Seven men were arrested in the sting. Police emphasized that prostitution is not a victimless crime.

"The problem is, there are children there and it's not right for people to go there to act out their fantasy or what they think they want," said Public Information Officer Ken Jefferson.

Tardy works for First Coast News, WTLV in Jacksonville. The station had no comment on the arrest.

I can't find the original story, but he was not busted for solicitation of prostitution, but for the act of prostitution. He was the 'ho'. Kind of reminds me of the rest area scene from "There's Something About Mary".

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