Do as we say, not as we flu.

John Kerry's presidential campaign is complaining that Vice President Dick Cheney, a heart patient, received a flu shot this week, even though health officials have urged that only those most vulnerable receive the vaccine.

But apparently team Kerry didn't notice on Monday when Hillary Clinton announced that her heart patient hubby, Bill, also received a flu shot, during an address about the vaccine shortage at a New York City health center.

"Once again, the Bush administration proves that it is the 'do as we say, not as we do' White House," the Kerry campaign said in a statement issued late Wednesday, according to Agence France-Press.

Cheney - a pacemaker-wearing cardiac patient who has had four heart attacks - would fit into the government's definition of those most vulnerable to a looming influenza epidemic, noted AFP.

So would recent quadruple bypass recipient ex-President Clinton.

Again with the "It's okay if we do it, because we know better. Don't you dare do it though". Either way, I just don't understand why people rush out to get flu shots. Oh sure, inject me with the illness that I'm trying to avoid getting, so it can ramp up my immune system. Every time family members get the shots, they get the flu! I'd rather chance not getting it at all rather than getting it on my own timing. Besides, it's a crap shoot anyways, because the CDC has to guess what flu will be coming, and immunize for that one in particular.

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