PS3 too dusty to be repaired?

Any PS3 owner can tell you that the shiny black console is a dust magnet, but this is ridiculous!

The Consumerist managed to get the of pictures of a PS3 console that was denied repair under the warranty due to its dusty state. Sony wanted $150 to brave the dust bunnies and filth.

Apparently Sony originally wouldn't release photos of the dirty system, but later determined that the pictures of the owner's console are "neither confidential nor private," and now The Consumerist has them to share with the gaming world. After seeing them, it was probably in Sony's best interest to show these to the world -- this system is disgusting!

Dust and electronics don't mix. However, unless the user manual states that there are certain environmental conditions that void warranty, I say screw Sony. Last thing they need is more bad PR concerning the PS3.

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