Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • It's Photoshop Phriday: Anagrammed Video Games.
    I'll take a MathNun!

  • F1 Lawnmower.
    I absolutely hate mowing the lawn, so anything that can help accomplish this task quicker than my hand-me-down Toro is worth considering. An F1-inspired mower just might do the trick. Complete with an F1-style front wing, full race suspension, rear view mirrors, vintage John Player Special-style livery and a steering wheel sporting an LCD gauge display, this CG mockup of a concept racing mower by Kadeg Boucher of France could easily shave a few tenths off my mow time.

    Hopefully it won't require a pit crew to service.

  • GunTalk TV
    Shooting for 50 years? Never picked up a gun? Either way you'll find what you need on Gun Talk TV. The top shooters and instructors are here to train you! Whether your interest is in personal protection, trap, skeet, sporting clays, action pistol, long-range rifle, or you just want the gun basics, you'll find it here.

  • Man Tasers Carjacker, Gets Shot 5 Times
    An Atlanta man was shot five times when he used a taser to fight off a carjacker.

    Officials said the incident happened Wednesday afternoon on Forest Park Road near Conley Road in southeast Atlanta.

    Police were called the scene after receiving a call that a man armed with a gun jumped into the victim’s van and told him to drive. Police said the victim gave the man money but at the same time, he tasered the man. Officials said the man then shot the victim five times.

    The van crashed into a tree after the incident and the gunman fled. Police are still looking for him.

    Officials also said it is not a good idea to use a taser against someone armed with a gun, especially in a confined area.

    Don't bring a stun gun to a gun fight. And I say stun gun, because if it was a true taser weapon, the suspect should have been incapacitated. It was probably a gun show special. Still, it isn't a replacement for a real gun. Crashing was a good alternative, especially if the suspect wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

  • Cops' bigger guns level field
    CNN reports local cops get increased firepower to level playing field.

    Of course, it is all the AWB's fault.

  • Bodega owner beats gunman with machete.
    A Queens bodega owner defended his store against a gun-wielding robber by way of a machete. Johan Marte, who owns the Erick Deli Grocery in Woodhaven, explined to the Post, "He had a gun and I took him out."

    The would-be robber, 28-year-old Omar Rodriguez, had fired twice before asking for money, but Marte managed to chop off the gunman's ear and finger. The Daily News has a photo of the robber that shows crime really doesn't pay - and the Rodriguez is at Jamaica Hospital in serious but stable condition.

    Marte said, "I cut his hand, I cut his finger, I cut everything. When the guy has a gun and you have a machete, it isn't easy." A resident spoke to the Daily News about Marte, "He doesn't bother nobody, unless you try to rob him. You do what you gotta do. He has all his money tied up in the store." Charges are expected against Rodriguez, while Marte was not charged since he acted in self-defense.

    So, I guess sometimes you can bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • Pancho Villa's revolver on auction block
    Item No. 1, for him: a Remington single-action revolver engraved with a scroll pattern and "Doreteo Arango" — Pancho Villa's real name.

    Item No. 2, for her: a pocket pistol in a leather case that bears the name Martha Jane Cannary — the true identity of Calamity Jane.

    The barrel of Villa's revolver is marked "Chih_1914," around the time he became governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The gun was made about 40 years before that and was expected to fetch at least $30,000, auction managers said.

    Jane's Hopkins and Allen Ranger pistol, from the 1870s or the 1880s, was expected to sell for at least $35,000.

    A rare chance to own a piece of history....for a price that is.

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