Prepare for the upcoming Zombie apocalypse

Behold the ultimate in home safety kits to defend against the legions of the undead! I call it the Emergency Zombie Defense Station. Think of it like one of those fire alarm kits with an axe and an extinguisher or an emergency eye wash station

I made this kit for the Zombies Are Love Swap and I've been working on a second one for myself since After all Halloween is just around the corner and who knows when one might need a boomstick in a hurry?

I was initially inspired after seeing this Zombie survival kit on the internet, but I had some ideas on how to take it to another level. I really liked the transparent riot shields used in 28 Days Later and I figured, "Why not make the case multi-functional at the same time?" So when the plexi-glass cover is removed it becomes the perfect protection against zombie related carnage and splatter. Inside the case is arguable the best tool to have during a Zombie attack. None other than the trusty shotgun! Along with it are some spare bullets shells and a machete for when you're all out of ammo. I also have a bit of a thing for those easy to understand safety signs with the little diagrams of stickpeople on them. So I created a sign to be posted next to the station for quick, last minute instructions.

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