Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • NICS ban list grows due to "mental defective" additions.
    Since the Virginia Tech shootings last spring, the FBI has more than doubled the number of people nationwide who are prohibited from buying guns because of mental health problems, the Justice Department said yesterday.

    Justice officials said the FBI's "Mental Defective File" has ballooned from 175,000 names in June to nearly 400,000, primarily because of additions from California. The names are listed in a subset of a database that gun dealers are supposed to check before completing sales.

    Just as I thought. There are a bunch of crazy people in Kalifornia.

  • Exoskeleton suit being tested.
    Imagine a Exoskeleton suit that fits around a soldier’s body, allowing the same movements and mobility but enhanced strength and reduced fatigue.

    The video below presents a demonstration of the current version of a suit such as this. It provides informative insight, explanation and live demo of this particular suit in action.

    This will allow soldiers to lift tremendous amount of weight and perform different needed functions without using their real strength and getting tired. In addition, when in need, one can simply leave the suit to perform additional separate functions, with the exoskeleton waiting to be directed once more.

    "On the bounce, trooper!"

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