Spare a coin for a poor game player?

Hey there folks!

Could you spare some change for a Sony PS3??? You heard me...A Sony PS3!

It's going to cost me $599. Once you tack on a video game, an online membership fees and the sales tax , that can add up to be hefty amount almost $700.

Just like many of you. I'm a hard working gamer and i'm wondering how the fuck can I afford such a thing. Let’s take a moment to examine the financials.

$599 for a PS3
$50-60 for a game
$50-70 for online membership.
Around $700 or more.

Wait.. we forgot something Taxes! Depending where you live it can be a high amount.

So please be kind, help us out and spare some change for PS3.

I know that this is a joke site, but the message behind it is no joke. To get started with the PS3, you will fork out $600 for the best base unit. Then $50 for the games. So, for launch day, you are gonna pony up at least $650. That is a hell of a lot of change. That is almost two 7800 GTXs in SLI mode for a PC. I really think Sony is gonna be hurting for this price scheme.

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