Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle...er Stone.

LONDON: Actress Sharon Stone is disgusted by the generous display of cleavage on Hollywood's red carpets.

Stone, who appeared nude in such hits as "Basic Instinct" and "Sliver", believes other parts of the naked body are much sexier than breasts. She is surprised by the amount of attention given to breasts, according to contactmusic.com.

She said: "You look around at women's dresses that are so low cut, you can see acres of boobies. Frankly, I find the acres of shoved-up booby so much more horrifying than a calm bit of walking across the room nude."

Of course, on the red carpet, she isn't getting paid and doesn't have access to digital enhancements in post-production. Saucer of milk, table two...rowr...

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