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The living are just the dead on holiday - Tom Baker (The best Dr. Who, IMHO)

  • Bringing the .45 back to the military.
    After two decades of use, the U.S. Department of Defense is getting rid of its Beretta M9 9mm pistol, and going back to the 11.4mm (.45 caliber) weapon. There have been constant complaints about the lesser (compared to the .45) hitting power of the 9mm. And in the last few years, SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and the marines have officially adopted .45 caliber pistols as “official alternatives” to the M9 Beretta. But now SOCOM has been given the task of finding a design that will be suitable as the JCP (Joint Combat Pistol). Various designs are being evaluated, but all must be .45 caliber and have a eight round magazine (at least), and high capacity mags holding up to 15.
    Now, if they just bring back the 7.62x51 into full service. (thanks to Dad for the story)

  • One more for the good....girls...
    A female off-duty Richmond police officer put her training into action when three alleged carjackers forced her into her car and attempted to steal it. The incident erupted into a shooting that left one suspect dead and another wounded.

    According to the Jersey Village Police Department, three masked men attempted to carjack the off-duty officer in her SUV.

    All three of the suspects were armed and got into the car. One suspect pushed her over into the passenger seat.

    At that time, authorities said the 22-year-old officer who had been with the department less than six months, pulled out her own gun and her instincts kicked in. Authorities said she shot and killed one suspect and shot another suspect five times.
    When it comes to reaction, training takes over. Muscle memory and training for actions under pressure.

  • "She removed a .25-caliber semiautomatic from her vaginal cavity"
    A Ross County jail inmate hid a gun so well that not even the guards who did an extensive pat-down found it.

    The Cleveland woman hid a loaded handgun inside her body and smuggled it all the way to her jail cell, where it accidentally fired when she was trying to hide it.

    "While in the holding cell, she removed a .25-caliber semiautomatic from her vaginal cavity," Chillicothe Police Capt. Tom Hewitt said yesterday.

    Victoria Lundy, 41, hid the gun in the toilet-paper holder. It fell to the floor and discharged. The bullet lodged in the ceiling as guards scrambled to quickly recover the weapon, Hewitt said.

    I'd hate to see where she hid the Desert Eagle.

  • Bullets aren't the only things that ricochet.
    So I was watching Mythbusters on Wednesday night. They are busting the myth of catching a bullet with teeth. The final round of tests were at a police range. They had an automated rig with lexan shields for all of the taped portion shown. The last test shown, after they had busted the myth, was to see what a .357 FMJ would do to real dentures. So, for this one, then decide for some damn reason to not stand behind the shield, just uprange from the shooting. The camera is showing Tori and Kari spectating when the final shot is fired, and Kari gets hit with teeth shrapnel. Incoming fire has the right of way, and shrapnel doesn't know friend from foe. Always shoot safely.

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