Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • The SIG 556.
    No other semi-automatic rifle has captured the imagination of the shooting public like the SG 550 series rifle. For years this legendary Swiss made rifle has been restricted to law enforcement and military sales where it has continuously built on its reputation for outstanding performance, accuracy and durability. Now, SIGARMS® has announced that the time has come for a U.S. made version and introduces the new SIG 556.

    The SIG 556 features the same high-performance two position adjustable gas piston operating rod system engineered by SIG’s sister company Swiss Arms and marries it to a trigger housing that not only cuts the rifle’s weight by a pound but is designed to accept standard AR magazines.

    Originally developed to work under the extreme situational pressures and environmental conditions of the Swiss Army on alpine duty, the new SIG 556 delivers when it counts regardless of ammunition type and variances in gas pressure or case material.

    Great, something else my wife will kill me with when I bring it home.

  • What can happen when you mate steel with 20k PSI?

    What we have here is a failure. Nothing else, just a failure.

  • Home invasions are like toilet backups:
    Both are caused by human waste, neither waits for professional intervention before flooding your house with nastiness.

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