Boot to the head

Via UPI:
A footprint imprinted onto the face of an assault victim in Salford, England, may lead to the capture of the victim's assailants, police say.

Police said Wednesday the injury to 33-year-old Johnathan Robinson's forehead clearly shows the imprint of a shoe or boot worn by one of the men who attacked the bar owner this week, The Daily Mail said.

Robinson was attacked Monday by four assailants while leaving his Golden Lion bar and robbed of nearly $3,600 of his bar's earnings. One of the assailants stomped on Robinson's face during the robbery, prompting the bar owner to lose consciousness.

After Robinson's body was discovered, he was taken to an area hospital for treatment for various injuries including a broken leg.

While police are treating the attack as an attempted homicide, Robinson says he is simply ready to put the entire incident behind him.

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