Asking your boss for time off to see the big game.

A veteran Florida congressman wants a break after only two days back on the job. Republican Cliff Stearns says he wants to go to a football game in Miami on Thursday.

Stearns has written to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking her to move votes scheduled for Thursday evening and Friday so House members from Florida and Oklahoma can go to the Bowl Championship Series national title game between No. 2 Florida and No. 1 Oklahoma.

Pelosi's office says she won't agree to the request. Among the votes to be considered Thursday afternoon is certification of the Electoral College vote that gives Barack Obama the presidency.

Stearns didn't attend the University of Florida in Gainesville but it's in his district. The game is being played in Miami.

That congressional job getting you down? That's okay, nothing important to do there. Are you ready for some football?

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