Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle

From DailyMail:
Classic graduate Nadia Witkowski was doubtless wishing she had opted for a little more restraint after a spot of jelly wrestling ended in drunken fisticuffs and a rather unseemly scuffle with security - culminating in a police caution for common assault.

The student's humiliation came at an event organised by the Wyverns, an infamous all-male Magdalene College drinking society, and part of a bigger tradition known as Suicide Sunday.

This year there was a blazers and bikini theme (that's men in blazers, women in bikinis - and a jelly-filled inflatable paddling pool).

Miss Witkowski, 23, who says she she hopes to go into law or investment banking, was suitably attired.

She surely did not, however, have prospective employers in mind when she stripped down to her skimpy white two-piece and waded into a far from dignified face off with a scantily-clad opponent.

Should she want to be reminded, photographs capture the slippery bout in all its glory.

Miss Witkowski's ire was raised after coming off better in the fight, only to hear hundreds of students who had been watching booing her and cheering her opponent - whose top also managed to fall off during the bout.

Storming away, still covered in jelly, the student punched a girl dressed as a butterfly in the face, leaving her with a bloody nose.
She then grabbed a bottle of Lambrini and made for the exit but was stopped by two burly bouncers.

When they tried to confiscate the bottle of cheap perry, she punched one and headbutted the other, forcing them to call for reinforcements.

That's my kind of wrasslin! Check the link for some of the bikini shots too.

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