Took my son to see WALL-E over the weekend. I really liked it. There wasn't a lot of dialogue. That made the movie that much better, because the robots had to emote and use physical expressions. It was like a silent movie for the new era. Of course my son loved it, which was the most important thing. As a bonus, I loved it too.

We also liked the opening, slap-stick filled short about a magician and his hungry rabbit. Lots of laughs compressed into six minutes. The only negative about the whole experience was the price tag. I had forgotten why I don't go to the movies anymore. $23 for tickets and snacks. Next time, I'm waiting for On-Demand of DVD.

However, the cuteness of it all, including my sons reaction to his first movie experience more than made up for it. Of course, I'll have to be on the lookout for the action figures or plushies. And I guess I need to get my son one too. :)

EDIT: Found out what kind of WALL-E toys are coming. I so want the transforming plushie!

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