Essential Life Saving Apparatus

From Rocky Mountain News:
Stuck, lost and hobbled in the German Alps, a quick-thinking Colorado Springs woman hooked her bra to a mountain-side supply line and alerted rescuers to her whereabouts just as they were giving up the search.

"We're going to have a party for her every June 19, and give her some new bras," Elana Bruinsma, said this morning of her sister, Jessica Bruinsma, 24.

The 36-DD sports bra has become the talk of the Berchtesgaden area of Germany near the Austria border.

"It certainly beats sending up a flare," one rescue worker told Backpacker magazine. "She hadn't been wearing much when she started on her walk and she ended up with even less on."

A worker on the timber cable in the region alerted police when he found Bruinsma's bra hooked to the cable.

"She'd gone for a walk last Sunday night and didn't come back," Elana said.

"I talked to her yesterday. She said she'd kind of gotten lost that first day and then she tried to climb down something and fell 20 feet.

She noticed a supply carrier that ran down the mountain, but for two days it never moved.

It rained hard the second night she was stuck on the crag, "so she'd taken off her clothes to let them dry," Elana said. "She was going to use her bra for a sling because she'd dislocated her shoulder."

But then, the supply line began to move, and she got an idea.

"I asked her if she could have gotten in it, but she said it wasn't big enough for that."

So, Jessica attached the bra to the supply line and hoped for the best. She told rescuers she hung out on the crag, drank water and ate biscuits.

After the worker spotted it and alerted police, rescuers changed their area of focus and reached her in a matter of hours.

And make sure you have the other survival bra as well...

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