Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • Semi-auto MP5 in .22LR coming soon.
    GSG-5: A World Innovation
    The first semi-automatic rifle in the legendary design of the MP5. Estimated delivery time: Autumn/Winter 2007.

    Estimated Technical Datas: Fixed Stock Version
    System: Semi-Auto only
    Caliber: .22 lr HV
    Magazinecapacity: 10 or 20 rounds
    Weight: 4.9 lb
    Length Over All: 26.7 inches
    Barrel Length: 7.7 inches
    Market launch: Autumn/Winter 2007

    I'll take three please. One in pink for my wife. One in Dinoco blue for my son.

  • The French Military/Police Gun Show.
    In France we don’t have GUN SHOW with modern armament like in some of your county. We have small show with antique weapons, black powder, hunting rifle, or Excepted for antique weapons or ineffective weapons.

    But every two years, we have a professional show (MILIPOL). Normaly reserve for law enforcement and military forces only. But civilian shooter could be invite buy a gunsmith friend. So every two year I go to “DISNEYLAND” ha ha ha !

    Ah, that reminds me, SHOT show is coming soon. I should go this year. I can get in because of my C&R license.

  • F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter to use speech recognition.
    Hopefully, "Ooops" will not be in the vocabulary.

  • Pistol-packing grandma shoots laundry room intruder
    An 81-year-old Mobile woman shot a homeless man Monday morning after finding him washing his clothes in her laundry room, police said. Sanders was carrying a handgun and shot the man when he came at her, Gallichant said. Sanders fell to the ground and dropped the gun after firing, Gallichant said.

    The man grabbed the gun, pointed it at Sanders and took his clothes from the washing machine, Gallichant said. The man fled and Sanders called police just before 8 a.m. Officers caught the man at the nearby Plateau Community Center.

    James Penn, 25, was taken to University of South Alabama Medical Center. Gallichant said he is expected to survive. Upon release from the hospital, Penn will be charged with first-degree burglary, Gallichant said.

    Good going granny. Next time, remember to not drop the gun.or downsize the hog-leg. Either way, the last thing a robber wants to see is...

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