2 Construction Workers Drown In Pond on a Dare

St. Johns County deputies say one worker bet another that he couldn't swim across a retention pond next to a construction site. When the first man disappeared under the water, his friend dove in to try and save him.

Both died.

The incident happened just after 9 a.m. Monday in a retention pond on Stratton Boulevard, next to where the Golden Lake Condominiums are being built.

Channel 4's Jim Piggott was told one man jumped in the water to cool off.

"The second then dared or made a bet with him that he couldn't swim to the other side of the pond," St. Johns County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Chuck Mulligan said. "At some point in time in the water, one subject went under water. The second subject, his friend, went in after him. And then, of course, both men went under."

And alcohol wasn't involved? I'm afraid that Darwin was shining up those awards as soon as the first guy went in.

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