When you chum the water, you just might get a shark.

With a rod and a reel, a local man landed a huge shark off the Central Florida coast. The 12-foot-4 hammerhead was pulled ashore in Flagler Beach, just blocks away from a popular swimming spot.

After putting out his bait at Flagler Beach Saturday night, he fished for two hours with no bites, but then it hit and he knew it was big.

"I hopped up cause I knew something picked it up and then it just started screaming, whiiirrrr, and it didn't stop for a good half hour. I couldn't stop that fish," he said.

His reel spun so fast he had to get water to cool it off. It turned into a three-hour battle that ended with him recruiting 12 people to actually pull the shark ashore.

"When we were trying to pull it up onto the pier, it was bigger than the pier. We had to use a truck," said eyewitness Matt Grosse.

The full fish was so big, he couldn't keep it. Just the head measures almost a yard from tip to tip. It's so big he's still not sure how he can keep just the head.

Okay, so, he chums the water near a popular swimming spot and gets a shark. Then people wonder why sharks bite people there. Hmmm, maybe they passed it around that there was free food?

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