Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • A perfect mount for your weapon.
    Robert Anderson, President of Sure Set Holster Mounts, has come up with a product that keeps you from rooting through drawers and fumbling around shelves. The SSHM attaches to just about any hard point, under a desk, work counter, bookshelf or wall. Another good application is in the console between the seats of the car or even tucked out of sight on the floor. It can be adjusted any which way to aid in a smooth natural draw from your holster.

    Picking a gun up off a shelf doesn’t lend itself to a proper firing grip. You’ll have to regrip in order to bring the gun into the fight. The SSHM gives you the necessary clearance to secure a proper grip when you truly need to have one. It comes with a lockable security cable to keep the kids away and even a special mounting bracket allowing you to attach it to either side of the bedframe.

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