Want to run your own free MMO?

Yarien at the GalCiv2 boards posted about him reviewing independent titles at Gametunnel.com. One of the games reviewed was Minions of Mirth. MoM is a free MMORPG built around what looks like EverQuest 1. It is free to play, with a $30 purchase for premium content. However, beyond the typical MMO game, you actually have the ability to host your own persistent MMO server, complete with your own rule-sets. Want to play a god for a little bit?

Speaking of MMOs, SomethingAwful has an interview with an real, live MMO person!
Q: How often do larger companies actually listen and take suggestions from the players, and incorporate changes based on what players have suggested?

A: Depends on if they want to be successful or not. Players know more about a given MMO then their developers do. This isn't a joke or hyperbole, it's simple fact. Players spend a lot more time, both in man-hours and sometimes individually, then the people working on the code.

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