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Justice ought to be fair.

  • DC wants Parker to go to the SCOTUS.
    Local government officials in Washington, D.C., announced Monday they will appeal to the Supreme Court in a major test case on the meaning of the Second Amendment. The key issue in the coming petition will be whether the Amendment protects an individual right to have guns in one's home -- an issue on which there is now a clear conflict among federal Circuit Courts. The city will be defending the constitutionality of a local handgun control law that is regarded as the strictest in the nation.

    The petition would have been due Aug. 7, but city officials said Monday that they would ask Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., for a 30-day extension of time to file the case. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and city Attorney General Linda Singer disclosed the appeal plan at a press conference, along with local Police Chief Cathy Lanier. (A news release announcing the action can be found here ) The Mayor said: "We have made the determination that this law can and should be defended and we are willing to take our case to the highest court in the land to protect the city's residents. Our handgun law has saved countless lives -- keeping guns out of the hands of those who would hurt others or themselves."

    The D.C. Circuit Court ruled on March 9 that the Second Amendment does guarantee an individual right to possess a gun -- at least within one's own home. The ruling was the first by a federal appeals court to strike down a gun control law based on that view of the Amendment's reach. The case is Parker, et al., v. District of Columbia (Circuit docket 04-7041). On May 8, the Circuit Court refused by a 6-4 vote to rehear the case en banc. The mandate is scheduled to be issued Aug. 7, but will be withheld after the city files its Supreme Court petition. Thus, the existing gun law would remain in effect temporarily.

    Of course, this all depends on whether the court wants to hear this case or not. If they do decide to hear and rule on this case, the outcome could be the worse thing since US vs Miller.

  • NBC piece on women and owning "evil black rifles".
    Because a few whackos choose to use them illegally is not something I should be punished for.

    The congress has changed, and probably so will the presidency. Main-stream media knows this. Of course, they didn't make mention of how the same type of rifle was sold DURING the Clinton era ban, only how many have been sold since it expired. Expect more investigative journalism like this in the future.

  • Neighbors don't like residential gun range.
    If a gun club has been there 50 years, DON'T MOVE IN NEXT TO IT YOU DUMB ASSES.

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