Misc. Friday Ramblings...

  • TN moves to allow guns in public buildings.
    "I think the recent Virginia disaster — or catastrophe or nightmare or whatever you want to call it — has woken up a lot of people to the need for having guns available to law-abiding citizens," said Rep. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains. "I hope that is what this vote reflects."

    Gave disarmament a try. Didn’t work too well. Now, let’s try armament.

  • Do you know what a barrel shroud is?
    Representative government in action.

  • The Lakeside Machine LM7 belt-fed .22 AR-15 upper.
    Modifications are needed to use the LM7 feed system on your AR15/M16 lower receiver. The energies from a rimfire cartridge are tremendously different than those for a centerfire cartridge. The LM7 is a blow back operating mechanism. The limited energy of the 22 LR is used to accomplish the entire cycling process and advance the belt for each cartridge. All factory centerfire buffer assemblies in the lowers must be changed from centerfire to our LM7 buffer design. The LM7's buffer also acts as a safety feature with this unit. With the Lakeside's rimfire buffer installed you will not be able to operate any centerfire upper if attached. The LM7 is able to be installed on carbine stocked lowers and full length rifle stocked lowers.

    Each upper feeds ammunition from our woven fabric belts or our Nylon disintegrating links. A loaded belt is fed directly into the upper from the belt box. Each belt box is also designed to be a catcher if attached on the right side of the brass catcher. The fired cartridges are expelled downward though the steel empty case catcher/feed box mount. 200 empty cases can be caught in the "brass catcher" or the floor plate can be hinged open to let all brass flow right through. For users of indoor firing ranges, the LM7 is a "No-Mess" combination. You can catch your belts/links and the empty brass and never have to clean up a mess with a broom.

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