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Larry The Cable Guy: Just remember -- if the world didn't suck, we would all fall off.

  • Guns used in Self Defense.
    Have you ever defended yourself from a crime in your home, in your business, or in public by using a gun? Perhaps you warded off a potential attacker by simply showing a gun?

    40 states now allow their citizens to obtain conceal-carry permits for handguns. Some people say that's dangerous, while others say it allows them to protect themselves.

    If you have a story of self-defense involving the aid of a gun and would like to tell it to 20/20, please fill out the form below. A "20/20" producer may contact you.

    20/20 wants self-defense stories? Could it be true that armed citizens are safer than the sheeple? *Gasp* *Shock* *Horror*

  • "Best 'buck 80' I ever spent."
    Well, I guess it's time we finally put this one to rest.

    People are steadily asking me to try a load of dimes in a 12 gauge shotgun as a defense load. I guess all the westerns that use this load have created a myth that needs to be busted.

    First a little education. One of the ways old timers used to test an unmarked shotgun barrel for choke, was to try to insert a dime in the muzzle.

    If it would not go, it was a Full Choke. If it went through the choke, it was a Modified Choke or larger.

    The reason for this lesson is this… Ddo not try to shoot a load of dimes through a Full Choke or you will have a bad day.

    Or at least your shotgun will.

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