Cho Seung-Hui's writing could have been a hint.

Cho Seung-Hui, the 23-year-old Virginia Tech student who killed 32 people Monday in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, was referred to counseling last year after writing an extremely graphic and violent play, entitled "Richard McBeef," for his English class.

Click here to read the play, which has been posted on The Smoking Gun Web site.

Another play purported to be written by Cho for his English class surfaced Tuesday on AOL.

Click here to read the second Cho play on the AOL News Web site.

Cho Seung-Hui exhibited warning signs long before his deadly shooting spree on the Virginia Tech campus, fellow students and professors said.

As disturbing details emerged about the resident alien from South Korea, students gathered by the thousands in the heart of their campus Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil.

Meanwhile, one professor recalled being so concerned about Cho's anger that she took him out of another instructor's creative writing class and taught him one-on-one.

The former chairwoman of Virginia Tech's English department, Lucinda Roy, said the anger Cho expressed in the fall 2005 course was palpable if not explicit.

And two of Cho's former roommates also described his behavior as unusual, saying that he had spoken of suicide and had stalked three women.

Authorities confirmed that Cho had been investigated last year for stalking a woman in person and by e-mail.

Roy, meanwhile, said the writings by Cho, an English major, were disturbing enough that she went to police and other university officials to seek help.

"The threats seemed to be underneath the surface," she said. "They were not explicit, and that was the difficulty the police had."

His instructor and fellow students also found his behavior in class "inappropriate," Roy said.

"He was taking photographs of students without their permission, especially under the desk," she said.

But without a clear threat nothing could be done, and Roy made the decision to instruct him apart from other students.

Someone (other than the gun manufacturer or gun shop) will take part the blame for this, if his writings were so disturbing that were reported to school officials and nothing was really done about it.

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