Patently Silly

Condom with Inflatable Portion
patent#: US 6895967

The title and picture pretty much say it all – this rubber provides extra girth when you need it. But don't just pump, and, well, pump. A well placed squeeze can do wonders. This jimmy hat can be "repetitively inflated and deflated at desired times," much like the man's ego when he's told, "Yes, I want to sleep with you, but can we do something about that anorexic worm you call a penis?"

Like all good things there is some risk involved (though this is far from the riskiest I've seen). In the heat of the moment, a forearm might spasm and this thing is going to pop like bubble wrap in a porcupine nest. Next thing, the manufacturer is getting sued for child support payments and gonorrhea salve.

I shouldn't knock it until I've tried it, but personally, I can think of more enjoyable ways of getting blown. Common sense will tell you, balloons and pricks are best kept separate.

Wait until you see the version powered by an air compressor.

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