Good Eats don't jump down your throat.

There are no obesity-causing bad foods, only bad eaters, according to the celebrated host of the Food Network's "Good Eats" and “Iron Chef America” Alton Brown.

“Unhealthy food is the food designed to keep you away from good food,” said Brown, providing the example of a bag of 75 cookies that keep consumers from enjoying two better cookies made with butter.

“Food doesn't get up and jump down our throats,” he said.

Brown cautioned against an over-reliance on facts and information-overload and the use of high-tech props.

“I care about the big picture. While facts may be the ‘proof of evidence', they don't point to what we're doing,” he said. And what Americans are doing today is overeating.

Good Eats is the best food show on TV today. You know only learn what to cook, but how to cook it, and how science is built into cooking. However, I do disagree with him about one point. Some of my cooking has gotten up and tried to jump down my throat. I had to beat it off with a spatula...

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