Is Clear Channel boycotting Madonna?

Is Madonna the subject of a Dixie Chicks-like boycott?

Songs from the Material Girl’s latest album, “Confessions on a Dance Floor,” have been hits around the world, but hasn’t fared as well in the U.S. Some fans are alleging that radio stations owned by Clear Channel — a company with strong ties to the Republican party — are refusing to play her music because of the pop star’s comments blasting George Bush and the war in Iraq. Madonna has been an outspoken critic of the war and during her current “Confessions” concert tour, makes obscene comments about President Bush. Clear Channel stations were said to be key in keeping the Dixie Chicks’ music off the air after one of them made highly publicized comments about being “embarrassed” to be from the same state as George Bush.

Nearly 5,000 Madonna fans have signed a petition that’s being sent to Clear Channel head Mark P. Mays, accusing the company of keeping the singer off the radio airwaves. “The evidence that there is a boycott from American Radio is too obvious for words ... Madonna rules the planet, EXCEPT for the USA,” according to the petition writer, who went on to note that Madonna holds the two top positions in the United World Chart, but a number of petition signers report that when they request Madonna’s music, they’re told by Clear Channel-owned stations she’s too old or not popular enough.

5000 fans in the US is probably about all she has left, ever since she abandoned the country years ago. I'm glad to see that radio stations are CHOOSING to carry or not carry what ever they wish. Private organizations have the freedom to do that, and that is a concept that some just will not ever be able to grasp.

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